Reading list

Here is a collection of some really interesting and useful texts. I’ll add to it over time, and it will be by no means exhaustive, but rather a starting point. If there are any suggestions or additions, I would love to hear them.

Updated: 22 October 2014

General, background, foundation

GERRARD, C. 2003. Medieval Archaeology: Understanding Traditions and Contemporary Approaches, Taylor & Francis.

GILCHRIST, R. & SLOANE, B. 2005. Requiem: the medieval monastic cemetery in Britain, London, Museum of London Archaeology Service.

GILCHRIST, R. 2009. Medieval Archaeology and Theory: A disciplinary leap of faith. In: GILCHRIST, R. & REYNOLDS, A. (eds.) Reflections: 50 Years of Medieval Archaeology. Leeds: Maney Publishing.

GILCHRIST, R. 2012. Medieval Life: Archaeology and the life course, Woodbridge, The Boydell Press.

HABU, J., FAWCETT, C. & MATSUNAGA, J. M. (eds.) Evaluating Multiple Narratives: Beyond Nationalist, Colonialist, Imperialist Archaeologies. New York: Springer.

HALL, M. A. 2001. An Ivory Knife Handle from the High Street, Perth, Scotland: Consuming Ritual in a Medieval Burgh. Medieval Archaeology, 45, 169-188.

HODDER, I. 2003. The Interpretation of Documents and Material Culture. In: DENZIN, N. K. & LINCOLN, Y. S. (eds.) Collecting and Interpreting Qualitative Materials. SAGE Publications.

HODDER, I. 2012. Archaeological Theory Today, Cambridge, Polity Press.

HODDER, I. & HUTSON, S. 2003. Reading the Past: Current Approaches to Interpretation in Archaeology, Cambridge University Press.

SWAIN, H. 2007. An Introduction to Museum Archaeology, Cambridge University Press.

Archaeology and museums

BARKER, A. W. 2010. Exhibiting Archaeology: Archaeology and Museums. Annual Review of Anthropology, 39, 293-308.

BLACK, G. 2012. Transforming Museums in the Twenty-First Century, Routledge.

MOSER, S. 2003. Representing archaeological knowledge in museums: Exhibiting human origins and strategies for change. Public Archaeology, 3, 3-20.

PLANEL, P. & STONE, P. G. (eds.) The Constructed Past: Experimental Archaeology, Education and the Public. Taylor & Francis.

SHANKS, M. & TILLEY, C. Y. 1992. Re-constructing Archaeology: Theory and Practice, Routledge.

Identity and ethnicity

ABRAMS, L. 2000. Conversion and assimiliation. In: HADLEY, D. M. & RICHARDS, J. D. (eds.) Cultures in contact: Scandinavian settlement in England in the ninth and tenth centuries. Brepols.

ABRAMS, L. 2012. Diaspora and identity in the Viking Age. Early Medieval Europe, 20, 17-38.

DÍAZ-ANDREU, M., LUCY, S., BABIĆ, S. & EDWARDS, D. N. 2005. The Archaeology of Identity: Approaches to Gender, Age, Status, Ethnicity and Religion, Routledge.

DRISCOLL, S. 2000. Christian monumental sculpture and and ethnic expression in early Scotland. In: FRAZER, W. O. & TYRELL, A. (eds.) Social Identity in Early Medieval Britain. Bloomsbury.

GILES, K. 2000. An archaeology of social identity : guildhalls in York, c. 1350-1630, Oxford, Archaeopress.

HADLEY, D. 2000. ‘Cockle amongst the wheat’: The Scandinavian settlement of England. In: FRAZER, W. O. & TYRELL, A. (eds.) Social Identity in Early Medieval Britain. Bloomsbury.

HADLEY, D. M. & RICHARDS, J. D. 2000. Cultures in contact: Scandinavian settlement in England in the ninth and tenth centuries, Brepols.

Museums, objects

ASMA, S. T. 2003. Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads: The Culture and Evolution of Natural History Museums, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

DUDLEY, S. H. 2012. Museum Objects: Experiencing the Properties of Things, London, Routledge.

FALK, J. H. 2012. Identity and the Museum Visitor Experience, Left Coast Press.

Object biography

ANDERSON, W. 2010. Blessing the Fields? A Study of Late-medieval Ampullae from England and Wales. Medieval Archaeology, 54, 182-203.


ANDRIOTIS, K. 2009. Sacred site experience: A Phenomenological Study. Annals of Tourism Research, 36, 64-84.


SERED, S. 1999. Women Pilgrims and Woman Saints: Gendered Icons and the Iconization of Gender at Israeli Shrines. NWSA Journal, 11, 48-71.

Landscape, placement

CARVER, M. 2001. Why that? Why there? Why then? The politics of early medieval monumentality. In: CRAMP, R., HAMEROW, H. & MACGREGOR, A. (eds.) Image and power in the archaeology of early medieval Britain: essays in honour of Rosemary Cramp. Oxbow.

GONDEK, M. 2006. Investing in Sculpture: Power in Early-historic Scotland. Medieval Archaeology, 50, 105-142.


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